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Here is why you should join the new social network Tsu:

There is a brand-new tsu social media network on this planet earth. This social network appears like a carbon copy of Facebook. The only difference is this new platform shares 90 % of its earnings with the people who make the platform a beneficial location for businesses to promote to begin with– that’s you, the material creator and also social networker. This brand-new social media network is called Tsu.

If you clicked that link, you’ll discover there is no area to join. The only way to join Tsu is if a user that is currently on the system invites you to join. However do not stress– there are lots of folks that will gladly invite you. A straightforward google search will certainly produce countless invitation codes. But here is mine if you want to join now. That’s due to the fact that every person that registers via your invite code will create a section of his income on the website to the personnel that invited them.

Tsu works like this. You upload content. Folks discuss that content. Much like on Facebook, there are advertisements that generate income for the system. As folks share your material (mostly images and quotes – very easy), more people see advertisements close to it. Tsu takes 10 % of this ad income in order to pay their costs. 45 % of that profits goes directly back to the content creator. The various other 45 % is distributed to the chain of people who welcomed you to the platform according to their formula explained in more specific listed in the FAQs of Tsu.

–> Join the Tsu social network through my invitation – click here.

I am experienced within and I promiss to help you becoming successful with the full power of my knowledge!

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