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Tsu Social Network – The best time to post on Tsu – Icons

What is Tsu? Tsu is a new, FREE Social network Platform that permits customers to engage as well as share their content and also BE COMPENSATED for their content!
Why lose time on sites like Facebook or Deviant Art or Twitter as well as upload your personal contributions for absolutely nothing. With Tsu, the a lot more social you are the more money you can make. Tsu is the FIRST social networks website to pay its users for material!

Exactly how do I generate income on a Social network Site, you might ask. It’s very easy! When you develop material as well as share it on Tsu, our special formulas work carefully with marketers and sponsorship companions and also assists produce real money for your images, posts and comments! Tsu takes that money produced and also consumings 10 % of it to sustain operations, while fifty percent of the remainder goes straight to the material creator! The other fifty percent is dispersed to the user’s network family history that can help raise the overall making possible!
You gain even more income by broadening your network. The more individuals in your social circle, the more individuals are contributing to the income that enters into that circle!

Tsu Social Network – The best time to publish on Tsu

Our company believe in real possession, which only exists when individuals have the civil liberties to their content and also the economics that possess it. Customers ought to be made up for their likeness, photo and also content. It’s straightforward as well as it’s the ideal thing to do. Tsu assists this come true. We discuss social earnings with
everybody, for any type of
sort of material, dimension of network or degree of impact. Making use of Tsu calls for absolutely nothing more than what you already do on other social media sites platforms today.more money on tsu.

Tsu Social Network – The most effective time to post on Tsu

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