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Many know the story of Facebook is soon to be launched as a major movie, and also this impressive tale must certainly be immortalized on the cinematic time pill of DVD and also electronic downloads for our grandchildren to see to comprehend the origin of the greatest internet site within the more comprehensive social media revolution.If it is nor evident,

I do not work for Facebook neither am I linked to the film, however I think that the timing of the film is quite interesting as it straightens with the development of Social Media 2.0 where we will soon interact not by images as well as published message, bit by the one single biggest engine driving the development of the net: HD video.From the genesis

of YouTube a mere 5 years ago(talk about time flying )to the current iPhone 4 with the Face Time teleconference=in-your-pocket technology, all indications indicate video being the medium for the message-whatever message that might be, it more than likely will be one you do not review, but listen to and see.The Internet is about to engage even more feelings, as well as given that Social Networks are the # 1 task online, it stands to reason that the next action will incorporate the high quality camcorders installed in new cellular phone, laptop computers as well as tiny Flip type tools. Cheap, 1080p specifications and that everybody has one kind of video clip recording tool transformed HD camcorders into a need, not a want.Couple that with WiFi that is as ubiquitous as oxygen as well as regarding as cheap, and you have

all the conditions for a brand-new platform for social networks -as well as one such website is www.TheSocialNetwork.TV which while unassociated to the movie of the same common name, is attempting to spark the merging of YouTube with Facebook by casting a lots people that will film their lives themselves and relay the raw video footage to the world-redefining the word”truth TV” and recovering it to the principle of cinema verite, or reality on film.This will grow into a movement where we-if we choose-could all have our own reality program, allowing an assented intrusion of privacy yet enabling a possibility of fame as well as notoriety. There is pros and cons to such an idea, but there is no turning back now, as there is consistently a person willing to offer their suffering, their keys, their heart – for celebrity.Yet the valuation of this suggestion is not in creating hundreds of famous regular people which are just known considering that their lives are relayed-it depends on the concept that we could better connect- that is, fulfill and also

chat and also recognize the life of a stranger which could come to be a buddy or lover.TheSocialNetwork.TV is a harbinger of the future of social media in general and social networks in particular. As the bard famously when claimed,”All the World’s a TV Show and also We are merely Actors “.

Well he in fact stated” stage “and”gamers “yet he would certainly have stated” TV”if he lived now … I ensure it.T Patrick MurrayWriter, Award-Winning Filmmaker, MetaphysicistFilm @ Revolutionist.com Short article Source: EzineArticles.com Launch Day: 1 October 2010( Usa )David Fincher’s The Social media network is the magnificent tale of a new type of social insurgent: a thug genius that stimulated a transformation and also transformed the face of human communication for a generation, as well as probably forever. Fired through with psychological cruelty and also unexpected humor, this wonderfully crafted film chronicles the buildup of Facebook as well as the fights

over possession that adhered to after the internet site’s unfathomable success. With a complex, incisive movie script by Aaron Sorkin as well as a great cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and also Justin Timberlake, The Social Network demonstrates to the birth of an idea that rewove the textile of society even as it unraveled the relationship of its developers. Style: Biography/ Dramatization Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Max Minghella, Armie Hammer Director: David Fincher Movie script By: Aaron Sorkin Subscribe to Sony Image for a lot more wonderful content: http://bit.ly/SonyPicsSubscribe Check out the main site at http://500MillionFriends.com/

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