Social network Security Specialist (SMSP) Training by UKI



This presentation based on the Social Media Safety and security Technician (SMSP) qualification program powered by CompTIA looks into the personal and professional risks involved in unapproved accessibility to social media sites accounts. Making use of high profile safety and security violations as images, we will explore the technique as well as strike vectors utilized by hackers such as privacy attacks, information leakage and identity burglary difficulties through access-point spoofing as well as session hijacking. Dr. Scott Wells will demonstrate how simple it is to take control of a social networking account through session hijacking, and also will guide you with a bad twin assault to disclose its prospective repercussions to your personal and also your organization’s credibility and reputation. The discussion wraps up with countermeasures such as Google’s content based graphic searching to provide you a safety check-up as well as leave you with actionable actions to enhance the safety and security of your social media sites accounts. To find out more browse through: https://ultimateknowledge.com/_SMSP.asp

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