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Speaker: Jure Leskovec, Information technology Department, Stanford University

License: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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Online social media stand for a fundamental change of exactly how details is being made, transferred and also eaten. The here and now tutorial explores techniques for social networks modeling, analytics as well as optimization. First we provide approaches for gathering huge scale social networks information and then discuss strategies for coping with and dealing with for the impacts arising from missing out on and incomplete data. We proceed by talking about methods for removing as well as tracking info as it spreads out among the users. Then we analyze approaches for removing temporal patterns whereby info appeal expands and fades in time. We show how to quantify as well as make the most of the influence of media electrical outlets on the popularity and also focus offered to specific item of material, as well as how you can develop anticipating designs of details diffusion and also adoption. As the details frequently spreads through implied social and also information networks we offer approaches for inferring networks of impact as well as propagation. Last, we go over approaches for tracking the circulation of belief with networks and development of polarization.

0:00 Social Media Analytics: Part 1: Info flow
1:35 Details as well as Networks
2:37 Social Media: Large change
3:37 Social network: Opportunities
4:01 Social network: Value proposal
4:28 Applications: Track record management
5:30 Applications: Citizen reaction
6:37 Applications: Real-time resident journalism
7:12 Applications: Social media site marketing
7:57 Applications: Human behaviour analysis
8:34 The tutorial: Social media site
9:33 Tutorial Summary (1)
9:59 Part 1 of the Tutorial: Review
10:35 Social Media Information: Spinn3r
12:00 Tracing Information Flow

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