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Hello, I’m Melanie

I am a fully engaged product-reviews-blogger and I own and manage the website lolzbox.com which is all about lolz, rofls and laughter. I love photography and cooking.
In the begining of November 2014, just two weeks after the launch, I started to post and earn at the tsu social network. Interested people will be assisted here on tsutorial.com with good tips and ideas about using the tsu social network efficiently. We all shall make dollars not cents! Many videos are collected on this site from engaged tsu-members and reviewers. There are also tutorial posts for the best procedures on tsu.co.

I hope I’ll help many of you with all this information here…


Highschool finished in Irvine, created lolzbox.com

Best Buy  Marketing Assistant  2006-2013

Melanie Paul
(Mel P)


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